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Prices & Commissions 

Regular canvas - 3/4" depth


Size*         Price

(inches)  (CDN$)


11x14         $400

16x20         $600

18x18         $600

18x24         $850

20x24         $1000

24x36         $1200

30x40         $1700

36x48         $2000

Gallery canvas - 1.5" depth


Size*        Price

(inches)  (CDN$)


11x14         $430

16x20         $630
20x20         $700

18x24         $880

20x30         $1050

24x36         $1250

30x40         $1750

36x48         $2050
Each additional animal/person will cost 25% additional of the price.

Detailed background $75-250, depending on complexity.

Photo shoot session available. The cost of 1 hour session is $70.

* Other sizes may be available. Please inquire.

I also create DIPTYCHS and TRIPTYCHS (one painting on 2 or 3 canvases). Please inquire.

0% deposit is required when starting work, and 70% when finished. 

MURALS: Murals can be painted on a wall or on an over-sized canvas and then mounted on the wall. The process starts with a discussion about the subject, the size, and a location of the painting. The prices range $7-30 per sq ft depending on complexity.

30% deposit is required when starting work, and 70% when finished. 

MEDIUM:  High quality acrylics.

TO ORDER: Email me a picture of a person/animall or request a photoshoot. Fill out the initial form under “Contact Me”. I will call you to discuss your ideas and preferences. I will start painting only when you confirm I may proceed with painting.

SIZES: Paintings on canvas may be any dimension chosen from the list. Please choose either regular ¾” depth or gallery 1.5” depth canvas. Other sizes may also be available upon request with no additional charge. Note: gallery canvas does not need framing.

SUBJECT: You may have more than one animal in one painting. The cost of an additional subject is 25% of the price.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Elements of a photograph, such as collars and leashes, can easily be added or omitted. Please note: if your photos were taken professionally, you will need to ask the photographer for copyright permission.

TURNAROUND: Turnaround time depends heavily on the workload, size and detail of the painting.  If you do have a special date in mind however, please let me know and if possible, I will make an effort to get the painting to you in time. Once started, small painting usually takes 1-2 days; big paintings - up to 2 weeks.

PRICES: Please refer to prices above.

SHIPPING: Paintings can be picked up personally or can be couriered. Each painting is packaged with great care. Prices vary according to the specifics of each painting. I will be happy to provide the shipping cost once decided on the size of the painting. Please inquire.

PRINTS: Unless specifically forbidden by the customer, I use my original paintings to create prints.