Artist's Statement

When I entered the world of Art, I thought it would only be a short visit. However, it has become a life journey - my passion. The more I explore, the more I want to continue my voyage.

Transforming an ordinary wall into an amazing one with painting a mural, gives me a great satisfaction. With murals I like to create an atmosphere for the room. The 3D elements are a natural conversation starter.

As an animal lover, I really enjoy painting pets – animals that are closest to our hearts. My inspiration is drawn from peoples’ devotion and connection to their pets and what in turn they give back to enrich their lives. For pet portraits, I take my time to do a photoshoot to get the best shot reflecting the individuality. As I paint, each animal fascinates me as I try to figure out their personality.

The satisfaction of my clients is paramount. My goal is to give my clients the best of myself in my work. I feel very privileged that people let me into their lives by letting me get to know them and their relationship with their pets.

I work with high quality acrylics. I know my piece is finished when I feel that the next brush stroke would spoil the painting...


Emilia Jajus was born in Kielce, Poland, on March 14, 1978, the third of four children, a daughter of a passionate photographer, her father.

creativity and skills were used not only in drawings and paintings, but also in clothing design. Emilia created her collections while attending a 4-year Clothing Design School.

In 1998 Emilia moved to Canada. Her move to a business oriented city temporarily sidetracked her from her true passion. She graduated from the Business Administration program at Humber College, and entered the corporate world. However, her passion for art would not lay dormant for long.

Emilia received encouragement from various people. Her mother never stopped encouraging her to begin painting again. Her friend, a former art teacher, inspired her with his enthusiasm about art. Her brother "just knew" she could paint and commissioned her to paint a mural. Emilia's husband was so excited over her talent that he ran to an art store and bought plenty of painting supplies. Since then, Emilia has not stopped painting. Her biggest fans are her little twin girls, who are very excited with every new painting.
Taking courses at the Toronto School of Art and Virtual Art Academy, as well as attending painting seminars and self-studying, have enhanced Emilia's skills and desire to continue her artistic journey.

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