Emilia Jajus, Visual Artist

Mission Statement:

To beautify things and create memories.

Emilia Jajus:

pet portrait artist, a muralist, an art teacher

a dog groomer and dog breeder


Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Emilia Jajus grasp the essence of the bond between you and your pet by capturing the spirit of the animal by painting expressive eyes and realistic fur textures. Paintings make fantastic gifts to your loved ones. They will be delighted that you considered their pet worthy of their own, professionally created portrait! With a simple snapshot of your pet, you can commission the painting yourself!


Murals by Emilia Jajus create an unforgettable atmosphere and help to distinguish your business and home. Attractive murals with 3D effects become focal points and conversation starters that attract clientele and make your guests say "Wow"'! Murals are an amazing decor idea for cafes, restaurants, daycares, dog centres and clinics, nurseries, hallways, doctor offices, etc.

Art Classes and Art Lectures

Emilia is an art instructor at Retirement Homes. Her classes are introduced by an initial lecture. The classes start with teaching basic painting skills and progress to group projects (such as e.g. murals) that give seniors a purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

Dog grooming

Emilia is a certified in dog grooming, pet hygiene, pet first aid. Her special artistic touch in grooming makes her clients not recognize their pets upon completion!!! See the difference!

Every painting has a story...

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